Business Types That Need to Rethink A Thing or Two

In this day and age of infinite information on the internet, and an increasing array of methods and means to gather said information from devices of all shapes and sizes, there are some businesses that simply seem unable to modernize and get their business in order. They are soon going to go the way of the DoDo bird, a bird that is extinct. So instead of gripping painfully on to the past and hoping things return to the good old days for their business, they should instead be focusing on things they can do to modernize and stay on top of the game instead of crying like babies that the new ways of the modern age are ruining them. Stop being a victim and do something about it. Here’s what I’m talking about.

Taxi Cab Companies


If you live in a town that has Uber and Lyft, you’ve no doubt heard the taxi companies whining about how these businesses are going to put them out of a job. And you know what? They will. The idea of having to fight others on the street curb to get into a car that smells of stale cigarette smoke while a dude who seems to hate you drives you to your destination in a route he made up to make a few extra dollars seems abhorrent. It’s way better to get into a car and use GPS from your phone to do all the navigating to and from. Taxi cabs are on their way out unless they figure out a way to modernize, maybe by creating apps of their own. Still, the ubiquitousness of Uber seems surely to put cabbies six feet under (professionally).

Car Dealerships


In an age where we are getting more and more accustomed to making transactions without any inter personal conversation, the idea of going into a Dealership and haggling a price for your car seems so painfully archaic. You are set up to lose; they know their cars, their bottom line intimately, whereas we have to guess. You feel like you’re being had no matter what. You can walk into chrysler san juan capistrano and be told a price on a new car and then look it up on and it’ll be totally different. How are you to know what you can get away with paying? They have all the tricks and you are dealt a short hand. We’re going to be going to Carmax and online much more if these dealerships hold on to their old, bullying sales tactics.

Music Sales


You’ve probably heard everyone and their mother whine about how if you’re a band you can’t make any money from CD sales anymore. Well, that’s true! People really only buy CDs at shows now. So instead of whining about it, figure out other ways to entice people to spend money on you. Make vinyl, or make the art so nice on the CD package that people want to own it for that reason alone. Think outside the box.