Jaguar F-Type Inside Look at LA Auto Show 2013


Jaguar’s presence at the LA Auto Show 2013 was hard to ignore. Not too long ago the entire world was presented with the first true sports car from your automaker in 50 years, the F-Type Convertible. Now we have now been witness to one more incredible achievement from the leaping cat manufacturer; the F-Type Coupe. As outlined by Ian Callum, Jaguar Designer, the Coupe is the car’s purest form. We might not agree more. With stunning visual appearancein regards to the new Coupe. What the Coupe really represents for us is it more than doubles the market potential of the F-Type. We launched in California because California may be the largest sports car market in the world, so to have the global launch here in LA was a pretty big deal. There are more Coupe sports cars sold than Convertibles, despite the fact that California is really aa great deal of the features and specs are already known, we wished to know how much coin one of these cats would cost. Should you compare the comparable V6 models between Coupe and Convertible, the Coupe is $4000 less expensive than it’s facing Convertible, as outlined by Philippo. The base F-Type Coupe is $65000, the base F-Type Convertible is $69000, the F-Type S Coupe is $77000 and the F-Type S convertible is $81000. Then again you go to the V8 S on the Convertible or the Coupe R with increasedBut once will we see a manual transmission within the F-Type? Philippo replied, We unfortunately cannot talk about future products but we have heard the message loud and clear from enthusiasts and journalists that think this may be the right car to have a stick in.

Let’s hope that that loud message means a wonderful sports car manual transmission. Wouldn’t you desire the option of switching your own gears in the all-new F-Type Coupe R, having aninterest and buzz using the debut of your new Coupe, Jaguar held a party Thursday night, November 21, in the LA Convention Center to help celebrate the newest arrival from Jaguar. drink and Food is at unlimited supply and cars were strategically displayed urging curious attendees to find out just what the new Coupe is all about. The Jaguar C-X17 SUV Concept was also there and added toin the design process behind the all-new F-Type Coupe.

Explain the design technique of the F-Type.

WB: This is a very simple artistic process where every car here at Jaguar starts like a sketch. We then review the walls of sketches placed high on boards, picking out the ideas that we want to develop. We will make very rough little models on software before considering those models and going to full-sized clay models. We then spend literally each year or so sculpting and working and honing the clay model until we have achieved what we hope can serve as perfection. We then scan the car and carry it into the digital world and create a whole surface for the interior and exterior of the vehicle and from there we begin to do business with the actual production car. That whole process is about 3.5 to 4 years.

2013 Jaguar Party LA Auto Show Wayne Burgess and Toniahead of the other?

WB: The Convertible was designed first, that was a conscious effort. From a structural integrity viewpoint it is much better to design the Convertible first to get the torsion and stiffness in the car and also to make sure that the deck is as low as possible. And then the Coupe is an easy job, as you can see the Convertible and Coupe are extremely similar and that’s because we knew exactly what we had been doing. If we designed the Coupe first, when it comes to designing the Convertible you don’t understand how it’s planning to look or where the deck lid will sit and you have to do a lot of reengineering to make the stiffness and torsion work in the car, so absolutely design the Convertible first and therefore the Coupe.the two?

WB: 20 kilos (44 lb). The coupe is 20 kilos (44 lb) lighter.

Then we caught support with Tim Philippo, Jaguar Sports Cars Product Manager, for a few more F-Type questions. Additional interview questions found below

What exactly is the goal with this model for the brand?

TP: As you know we introduced the convertible first. You want to have a cadence of merchandise; you don’t want to created everything all at once. You want to give people a reason to revisit, keep the press interested and obtain people interested about test drives. So, many people ask why there was no Coupe at launch, why was there no R at launch, you just want to wait. You will see the sensation of excitement many people have for the F-Type Coupe, it is actually doing absolutely outstanding. For almost all other markets around the world, Coupes are going to be a large percentage of volume. It has significantly more luggage space compared to the Convertible, the Convertible has 7 cubic ft and that has 11 cubic ft. It draws those who would like to take it out for the track or the golf course and even use it being a daily driver. It’s simultaneously more sporting and more practical.