2014 Ford Fiesta ST – Something Unexpected


I can’t say I’ve been much of a Ford guy. Haven’t driven too many of them except for a couple of rentals. , all standard.Mustang and Focus Nothing that got me to excited, that may be, until now. The Fiesta ST opened my eyes to something completely new, and it’s pretty cool to finally say: Now here’s a great car!

It’s no secret that this Sport Technologies (ST) versions of Ford’s models are the stuff that reigns supreme on the roads of Europe, yet until recent times had been a strictly Euro-only thing, that may be, until Ford brought the main objective ST over, and soon, the Fiesta ST in 2014. Launched originally in ’05 in the European market as a hatchback, the usa (sadly) will only see a 5-door hatch making its way over by using a 1.6-liter, 4-cylinder EcoBoost motor that’s primed to supply 202lb and 197hpfrom the Angeles Crest Highway, just a couple miles north of L . A .. Even in standard city driving, there was an undeniable cool factor about the way the Fiesta ST’s engine revved up and only as you apply your foot on the gas pedal will you truly bring it to reality. A low hum creeps up into your eardrums, not inside an annoying tin can rattle sort of way, and buzzes harmoniously while you shift from one gear to the next. Once we reached the less traveled stretch of road that the Angeles Crest Highway allows, the drive became even more exciting. It handles remarkably well, not at all an issue that I was expecting, taking turns and the occasional straight-lines like a champ. The suspension is tight and nice, stiff at times but a necessity that ties in well using the ST heritage. Up and down a great 25 miles or so of road wasn’t enough time but plenty in order to satisfy my quench for fun driving.

The next natural thought that got to mind was, How would I modify this? Yet, using the Fiesta ST, I had a hard time finding any faults really, except that it still won’t visit our market as a 3-door. Regardless, it’s surprisingly fresh and fast out of the box, and that’s a rare thing nowadays. Of course, some extra bump in power and dropping it down by using a proper list of aftermarket wheels wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

2014 ford fiesta ST rear hatch 06

2014 ford fiesta ST driver side rear quarter view 05

2014 ford fiesta ST driver side rear quarter view 04

That New Car Smell

2014 Ford Fiesta ST

The Sticker starting fromOn the Pump 26/35 (city/highway projected)

The Competition Mini Cooper S, Chevy Sonic RS

Deep Thoughts The Fiesta ST may not have had us instantly at hello, but it didn’t take long for it to win our hearts. Very cool car that’s worth checking out.